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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of ESTE 2019 we have the pleasure to invite you to the International Conference on Excited States of Transitions Elements. It will be held on the 08-13 September, 2019 in Hotel Verde Montana in Kudowa Zdrój, Poland. ESTE 2019 follows the conferences which started in Książ Castle-1988, Karpacz-1991, Karpacz-1993, Kudowa Zdrój-1994, Polanica Zdrój-1996, Duszniki Zdrój-1997, Szklarska Poręba-1999, Lądek Zdrój-2001, Lądek Zdrój-2003, Piechowice-2010 and Polanica Zdrój-2016. Two longer breaks were connected with organization of ICFE-2006 and ICL-2014 both in Wroclaw.

The conference is devoted to all aspects of luminescence and luminescent materials. Novel fabrication technologies and techniques, studies of broadly understood optical properties of materials – single crystals, powders, sintered ceramics, nanostructures, glasses, amorphous systems – will be covered. State of the art of theoretical fundamental and applied research will be presented.

We are sure that - as many times in the past – all of you will attend our meeting to present and discuss your exciting results at the Excited States meeting. We shall provide convenient Wrocław-Kudowa Zdrój-Wrocław transportation for all participants for no extra cost.

Looking forward to seeing you in Poland.


Yours sincerely,


Professor Eugeniusz Zych, Professor Wiesław Stręk, Dr Dariusz Hreniak  

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